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Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is a portal used by active duty, reserve andretired enlisted and officers of the United States Navy. NKO provides informationand resources such as career management, personal development, leadership, and Navy Resources. Much of these resources can be used for personal and professional development. One of the most important developmental programs is Navy E-Learning. Navy E-Learning provides courses related to the Navy and The Department of Defense. Navy E-Learning allows sailors to complete their General Military Training, designator/rate specific training, and  new training mandated by the United States Navy. Some of the training topic are Information Technology, Homeland Security and Defense course, Information Assurance Awareness Training, etc. Navy Knowledge Online is the future for the Navy in training.


Examples of Navy online training available in NKO are:

        Sexual Assault Training                                         

  Fraternization Training

Financial Management Training        

  Alcohol Abuse Training

Sexual Health Training      

  Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Level one Training


*Must be affiliated with the United States Navy, must have a username and password to access Navy Knowledge Online.*