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Enterprise Safety Applications Management Systems

We must think Safety 24/7 As trusted leaders of the Navy, we must be aggressive in our approach to reduce mishaps across the board.

We must create a culture where safety is foremost in our thoughts while afloat, ashore, in the air, or on leave.

ESAMS has become a great Information Technology online training program that allows the Navy to keep pace with the additional workload and ever-increasing requirements demanded from every sailor. ESAMS is the only web-based system that provides a means to manage all facets of the Navy's safety and Health programs. ESAMS allows Ashore Command Safety Officers to provide online testing in numerous safety areas to educate staff members. Some of the Safety programs are provided below.


Take a look at some of the available distance learning - don't be crazy and actually complete this training!


     Anthrax Awareness Training  


               Eye Sight Conservation Training   

   No Smoking, Eating, or Drinking sign   Blood borne Pathogen Training

    West Nile Virus Training


Online Safety Training is the way of the future. ESAMS is a big step forward in allowing Sailors to receive the proper training. To access the training within ESAMS you must have a registered username and password.